David Cameron wants to scrap Human Rights Law.

Britain needs to look at scrapping the Human Rights Act, David Cameron has said.

The prime minister's comments are his strongest signal that he will promise to ditch the legislation in the next Conservative election manifesto.

The HRA protects us all , not just criminals and terrorists. It enshrines in law the right to a fair trial, a private life and a family life. What will they replace it with. Another law which restricts us even further and gives the government more power to control people is my guess. This will also effect people's freedom to be naked which is not against the law, so far.

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  1. Cameron, May etc trot out their usual examples of terrorists, criminals etc for being reasons to get rid of the HRA. Yet again its 'spin' for removing our rights in so many fields. I agree with Howard that the UK needs a stronger HRA. Thanks for the Rowson link, May is captured really well, I dread her realising her ambition to be the next tory leader, evil incarnate.

    The HRA affects life in so many areas, its not great in protecting us who prefer to live naked, through its vagueness, but its better than no protection at all.

  2. It is often claimed that the HRA protects the right to be nude, but it fails. If I read the Act itself, I am filled with optimism that I have the right to be nude in a back garden, in a quiet part of the local park or even in the countryside, but experience shows otherwise. In particular, the three Articles- Right to respect for private and family life, -Freedom of thought, conscience and religion and -Freedom of expression should guarantee the right to be nude quietly but no-one has told the police. We need a stronger HRA not a weaker one.

    Here is a Tory Cabinet meeting in action:-http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/cartoon/2013/aug/09/martin-rowson-conservative-agenda

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