Youth policy

No kids.

This document sets out the simple Naktiv site position on youth and young users on this site. While it would be nice to be able to provide a safe and interesting platform for young people to be naked, this is not the right place. Would that we lived in a more open and understanding society, that well-meaning folk would not be misunderstood, nor taken advantage of, but we don’t. So we have to deal with the reality in which we exist. THIS site is here to promote natural non-sexual nudity, and while there may be some borderline images here, the majority are entirely healthy and acceptable to most people of ALL ages. The site mission statement makes it abundantly clear that nudity should be acceptable in any and all contexts.

However, the Naktiv site does NOT feel its remit includes convincing everybody in the world that nudity and children are themes which belong together in any particular way. However, if you are looking for well policed organizations which cater for young folk curious about naturism, you could start with the International Young Naturists site. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that paedophiles might, and do, target any naturist site looking for photos of youngsters, and encouraging others to post their “healthy family activity” pictures. It is noted that the kids are not routinely asked for their own opinion on the subject. We have neither the time nor the resources to police this activity effectively. Therefore the best solution is to simply not provide the platform for these types of reprobates, and let the FBI (or whoever) do what they do best, elsewhere please.

Creating a place where people start posting images of naked children, healthy family groups, or whatever, is also quite likely to attract the puritan witch-hunter brigade, determined to stamp out the visibility of a little harmless flesh “in front of the children”, and we don’t need that either. This translates to a simple ban on images of child nudity. This is indeed a very sad endictment of modern society, but that’s just the way things are in the world at the moment. If this ever changes we’re happy to reconsider the site policy. Finally, and quite frankly, we already have enough issues with the gay-stiffy and the fuck-my-pussy brigades to bother with more serious issues. Therefore, and until society changes in a rather huge way for the better, people under 18 are not permitted to register here, and images of under 18s, or images of people who look like they are under 18, are not permitted either.

No kids.

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