Drivng Naked in Spokane on a summer afternoon.

Today I was picking my car up after an oil change and a couple of minor repairs, window motor, etc. It needed oil and maintenance after my road trip across America, see prior blog. Our mechanic is on the far side of Spokane, WA, about 35 miles from our home. My wife dropped me off. I picked up the key and paperwork, then I started out. The car needed gas so I stopped in a Fred Meyer gas station.

While filling my tank I was thinking about driving home naked. It was a wonderful warm summer afternoon. The gas place was pretty busy, I wondered if I should dare to take my shorts and shirt off in such a busy place. Soon my gas was full, and the other car in front of me had left. The guy on the other side of the pump was minding his own business. So off came my shorts. I folded them, put them into the car, and climbed in. Then I took off my shirt, buckled my seat belt, and off I went naked.

I took the shortcut through the Fred Meyer lot and came out on the other street headed toward I-90. Lots of traffic in the lot. The other street has 3 lanes each direction but I've been there often enough to know not to be in the curb lane. As I approached I-90 I looked in my mirror and noticed that I had forgotten to replace my gas cap, it was hanging down. The door was open too. Drat! My mind had been on getting naked and not on taking care to close the gas fill.

Instead of getting onto I-90, I crossed over and turned onto another side street. Soon I drove into a hotel parking and stopped next to another car. I got out (naked) and closed the gas fill. Then I got back in and headed for I-90 again.

I-90 through Spokane is 20 miles of 6 to 8 lanes of busy traffic on a sunny afternoon before rush hour. Its so much more comfortable to be naked rather than having pants bunched up around your stuff.

In 20 minutes I was at my turnoff. Then its another 5 miles, through a small town, and 10 more miles through the woods to my place. At the small town I'm on Main Street, narrow, cars parked, sidewalks, pedestrians, stop lights, etc. Its a good day to be naked.

When I finally get to my final turn I'm still wanting to be out and about naked rather than arriving at home. I go on by. A couple miles farther I stop at a wide place. I get out, walk around the car naked, stand there for a few moments enjoying the wonderful summer air on my skin. Then back in the car and home. I park at my driveway, get out, walk across the road naked to check my mail. Got a bank notice. Then up the driveway and arriving home naked.

Its hard to understand why so many people are always so uncomfortably covered up while driving. Life is too good when you forget their rules. Carpe Diem.

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