Confused Nudist

A. The essential remit on the Naktiv Nook is for the promotion of non-sexual nakedness, as described in the mission statement. Many people are confused by this concept, as it is nearly always assumed that this is a traditional naturist or nudist viewpoint. This apparently obvious, but naive assumption, is however flawed.

B. Here you will find the naked body as used in Art, and in documentary, as well as in nudist contexts. Just as the mainstream needs to understand that not all nudist activities equate to swinging, so too do nudists need to understand that not all images with visible genitalia are pornography. While one man’s nudist holiday snaps is another man’s sexual gratification there will always be room for misunderstanding and misinterpretation. Maybe we can help fix this, but we ALL need to climb out of the 1950s. Open discussion is good, hiding is wrong. It is also wrong that nudity is shameful and violence is acceptable, as can be seen in so much of our entertainment, news reporting and fashion coverage, in modern media. It’s a sad fact of life that this endeavour will attract prurient interest, from trolls and sock puppets, whether obvious or hidden, to whom, perhaps, we can do some beneficial educating along the way.

C. As far as sex and pornography is concerned, (which charges are constantly thrown towards online nudist venues of all types), we all know that sex is one of the many things people do naked, and non-naturists may think it’s the only thing, while traditional nudists deny that anybody does it at all. However, everybody needs to realize that on the Naktiv Nook our fairly simple rules still explicitly exclude pornography and exhibitionism. Many people don’t understand this, and we are constantly removing inane photos of middle-aged men secretly standing naked in front of their bathroom mirror, or sprawling on their living room couch like some latter-day venus, and who appear to imagine they are being “nudist” in some weird manner. This is an area of social conduct which needs some serious education.

D. In part, the site is a counter-reaction to the highly successful, but reactionary, social networking monolith known as Facebook which, with it’s judgemental, hypocritical and puritanical, censorship rules, imposes a stringent sexual code of conduct on it’s membership. the Naktiv site has similar networking facilities and aims to be a decent alternative, by definition non-PC (not politically correct), social networking site. We do have our own set of rules, even though they are a lot less restrictive than the mainstream. The main differences include the much more open and flexible Naktiv viewpoint that there are no other restraints on nudity either, that being naked and active at the same time is a fine thing and to be encouraged, and that to be naked online, or in public or in private, is all the same.

E. We need to INCLUDE people to promote the idea that human nudity is acceptable. There are many different context where the naked human body can be brought into an active context, and these include naturist contexts, but are not exclusive to them. Naktiv contributions often include Art, performance, protest AND nudism and naturism, both mainstream and fringe.

F. If you are ever confused, a good place to start reading is the mission statement.


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