A. For any and all material/images which are uploaded to the Naktiv site, the uploader implicitly states that they have the right to distribute this material. Please note that observing copyright is important to understand. Blindly uploading everything without due consideration is firstly just not right, and secondly quite possibly illegal and YOU are LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE for all of your uploads.

B. If you are uploading material from another originator, (to which you the right to do so), (eg; ancient roman statue, first world war postcard, rennaissance painting, public domain material, etc.), you should at least credit the originator. It is not suggested that every image *must* have attribution, and we all know what google and facebook do. If you download from google an image by Gustav Courbet, we attribute Courbet, not google. If we know the *original* source, we should attribute to the Artist/Photographer/Magazine/Book/Website wherever possible.

C. The same applies to photos in which other people appear. Sensible people exercise a reasonable level of discretion. If we’re out naked in public places, a city centre or public park or the great outdoors, and somebody takes a photograph there is little complaint to be raised. If the venue is a nudist club, or naturist resort, or other private venue, clearly other conditions apply. If you are uncertain, then you should clarify the matter with the people, or venue, concerned. Please use a little common sense.

D. Whether the uploader owns the original data, received explicit permission from the copyright owner, or copyright has lapsed, or they are in the public domain, or whatever the case may be, you are legally responsible for your uploads. This is too huge a subject to cover here comprehensively, but you can read all about copyright issues in any public library, and there is massive amounts of easily available material on the internet also. Plagiarism and copyright violations will not be tolerated and any breaches can be notified to the site administration either directly via the report link on the post itself, or by an appropriate post in the feedback group. In either case, please include as much information as is relevant and which might help to identify the original source.

E. In terms of privacy, you can LINK to any material on the Naktiv site from anywhere else, (with the single proviso that the remote link is relevant to, and compliant with, the here). Visibility is controlled via local site-based permissions and is the responsibility of THE RELEVANT USER, group admins, and photo owners, and blog authors, etc. to set up correctly.

F. For liability concerns please also read the Terms


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