Mission Statement

A. The Naktiv social media network site is provided as a safe place for people to post Naked and Active content, to share images, to positively promote our activities, and our opinions, as far and wide as possible. We have Artists AND Nudists AND Free-Thinkers AND more here. Our common currency is to positively promote the acceptability of the naked human body in all contexts.

B. If we are going to change society’s flawed perception of nudity, to take control over our own bodies and make them something to be not ashamed of. The idea that we should build walls and exclude people is a flawed and historically proven approach which only generates alienation and censorship. To make a difference, we need to work TOGETHER to inform society about basic human right to dress, or not, as we individually choose. We need to stand up and be counted if we want to change our world to accept that being naked is acceptable in a modern forward-thinking society which promotes freedom of speech and freedom of choice. We need to stop hiding, instead, we need to COME OUT NAKED.

C. Please do NOT come here expecting this site to be the same as the one you just came from, whatever that was. Firstly, this is NOT a typical naturist site per se, although a great many of our members are nudists of the more classical, or old-school, mould, although we do share a great deal of overlap in our view that the naked human body is nothing to be ashamed of. For a lengthier explanation of this concept, please read the naktiv or nudist? page. Secondly, neither is this a sex or porno site and, to filter inappropriate content and behaviours, we have our own set of rules. Thirdly, if you are in ANY way concerned about your online presence on the Naktiv site, you’ll be glad to know we have an extensive permissions system here, with which you can control your exposure.

D. The basic aims behind Naktiv are encapsulated nicely in the ideas of the Naktiv Manifesto. Here are the headlines:

  1. To support and encourage naked activities everywhere.
  2. To educate society that the naked human body is acceptable in all contexts.
  3. To decriminalize the naked human body.

E. The word Naktiv comes from the combination of NAKed and acTIVe, and is inspired by the Gramer’s fine Nacktiv activities.

F. You can talk about anything here, posting nudity is ok too. No sex, no violence, no abuse and no funny stuff. For more details, please take a look at the essential reference pages in the footer bar and under the Info menu item on every page. Keep it clean and healthy folks – enjoy 🙂


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