The Naktiv site has, like any competent social network, an all-singing, all-dancing permissions system built-in and ready for you to use. The default values are fairly relaxed and are similar to how Faceache operates. Eg; the default settings are aimed at people who want to share their content widely and socially. Yes, images too! We are NOT a private network, we have excellent facilities for sharing and connecting to other online networks. Anyone can post a link to anything, anywhere on the internet, but permissions to view that item are wholly dependent on how you set your permissions here. It is essential for every user to familiarize themselves with the available privacy settings and USE them appropriately. Your first port of call is probably: Profile -> Settings -> Privacy

There is no point in complaining to the site administrators that someone has posted a link, to your profile for instance, on Faceache or Twixxer, and that the whole world can suddenly see your profile. The site provides the facility for you to post your information here, and at the same time provides the facility for you to make it public, or to make it private, or to make it anything in between. This is YOUR responsibility.

Please note the following default site settings:

  • Profile photo -> always visible to everybody, everywhere, (just like FB).
  • Profile content -> visible unless YOU restrict access.
  • Blogs -> visible unless YOU restrict access.
  • Photos -> visible unless YOU restrict access (both gallery and image privacy settings)
  • Polls ->visible unless YOU restrict access (tbd.)
  • Activity feed/s -> visible to logged-in users only.
  • Groups -> visible to logged-in users only.
  • Events -> visible to logged-in users only.

As a judge would say, ignorance is no excuse, so please take a little time to browse the site, and learn to use the many helpful tools at your disposal. These tools are designed to make it easy for you to share your information with other people as widely as possible, but they are also here to restrict access to your content, if that is what you want. Finally, you should be able to fix errant permissions using the tools at your disposal. However, if you need the site to set your permissions en-masse to something specific, please PM the admin



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