A. Please provide RELEVANT information on your profile, and a meaningful photo of yourself. Note that your profile is required to represent YOU and a profile photo is, exactly the same as on FB., visible to the public, even if your actual profile, and your content, is not. Please check the privacy settings page for more info.

B. Note that although the naktiv philosophy shares many ideals with naturist concepts, this is NOT a “nudist personals” (or dating) site. While we would prefer to see who you are, we do NOT require passport photos on your profile, but photos of just your dick will be removed, and profiles with no photo will also be removed in due course. Once you have uploaded a profile photo, you are given the opportunity to crop it to create your Avatar. If you have any issues with other people viewing your content, you should take the time to review your profile, and default content, privacy settings.

C. In the same way, you do not need to use your real name if you do not wish to, for whatever reason. Remember also, this is just a website, you can always use a pseudonym. Users of this site need to bear in mind is that we have created this Naktiv Social Network in part to provide an alternative from the draconion censorship and control of the mainstream social networks who regularly ban naked postings and the like. Checking for the kind of conformity required by your local police force would involve the FBI and Interpol, and we don’t wield that kind of clout here 😉

D. The minimum age for users of this site is 18 years. You do have to put your real birth date but not your relationship status, these options are there because some people want to put this information on their profile and it’s useful for us to be able to say everyone is over 18 years of age and can make their own minds up about stuff. Common sense should prevail.

E. Having said all that, it does make sense for people to fill out their profiles as fully as possible for us all to be able to network sensibly with one another. The more information you include, the easier it is for others to decide whether to send you a friend request, or to accept your friend request, or to join your group, or engage you in dialogue, etc. The less information you offer, the more suspicious other people on the site will be of your intentions. The gay community were highly successful with their “coming out” technique to expose hypocrite behaviour and to promote widespread acceptability of their lifestyle. The nudist and naked and active community could learn a lot from this kind of activism. Essentially: hiding means you’re doing something wrong, don’t hide!

F. We’re trying to build a useful community here of like-minded people who believe nudity is acceptable in mainstream society, we can’t do that if we hide behind silly nick-names like “xxx” and “big-boy” and “sexy-rita”, and the like. If you’re not embarassed by your behaviour, you shouldn’t be embarassed to post your identity. If you are embarassed by what you do, perhaps you shouldn’t be on this site at all. Every now and then we’ll probably have a bit of a purge and empty, faked or meaningless, profiles are probably going to be the first ones to go. On that topic – you know the photo of a naked guy standing next to the refrigerator is really uninteresting. We haven’t banned that kind of unimaginative and inane shot yet, but it really IS waiting to go on the list.

G. In the meantime, try to think of a full and interesting profile as encouragement for us all to demonstrate solidarity with one another and a step on the path to public acceptance of nudity in society and the mainstream media.

For more info see the Mission Statement


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