A. These are the more detailed rules for this site, where we define what you can and cannot do. For any and all material/images which are uploaded to the Naktiv site, the uploader implicitly states that they have the right to distribute this material. Please also read the relevant information on the copyright and attributions page. While we aim to be more open-minded than the majority of online social networks, we still have our own set of rules here. This means accepting content which might be at home in an Art, Nudism/Naturism, Theatre context. This does NOT mean simple pornography or the like. Posting unacceptable material and/or comments will result in a warning and, if this is not heeded, a period in the chill zone, and, if the errant behaviour still continues, by permanent banning. Here’s a short list of content which is regarded as unacceptable here:

B. Unacceptable content:

  • 1. Inane and repetitive sequences of me-in-my-bathroom/bedroom/bike-shed/back-garden/whatever.
  • 2. Exhibitionistic posturing: bum-in-the-air, me-and-my-cock/pussy, spread genitalia, cock shot, bum shots.
  • 3. Overtly sexual material, including genital close-ups, erections, masturbation, etc.
  • 4. Dating, swinging, dogging content, stalking, excessive innuendo, “big boy” and “hot chick” comments, etc.
  • 5. Fake profiles/photos.
  • 6. Penis/vagina larger than face/head photos, inc. blurred, cropped, hidden or pixellated faces.
  • 7. Off-topic advertising of shoes or other such drivel.
  • 8. Physical and/or mental, literary or graphic, bullying, harassment or abuse, (includes flaming).
  • 9. Subverting the Mission Statement via personal, or other, agenda.
  • 10. Illegal material.

C. Having said all that, (and the restrictions above are fairly clear), please note that this site does not aim to be politically correct and will not kowtow to every offended innocent mind. If you are an ardent feminist, your hackles might rise at the sight of naked women with lipstick or high heels. If you are an alpha male your bile might rise at the sight of naked guys sharing physical space with one another. If you are a passionate and traditional nudist you might be offended at the sight of a little more genitalia than you are used to. Get over it. The question for many images is whether it is gratuitously saying: “I am naked and LOOK at my naked genitalia”, or is this saying: “I happen to be naked, (which includes my genitalia)”. You’d think this would always be an easy call, but sometimes it’s not. If you are posting something which a moderator has expressed concern over, (but has not removed yet), you might consider utilizing the site’s privacy facilities to set the permissions for your post/photo to “Friends-only”. You could request a moderator to “vet” an image on your behalf, if you are uncertain as to whether it is appropriate, before you make it public.

D. Please familiarize yourself with the facilities here before posting wildly. Consider also this remark from one of our moderators: “When journalists ask why people go nude, their question is often framed as ‘why do you want to show your bits off in public’. Naturists (for want of a better word) will say quite rightly that it is nothing to do with showing, [rather] it is about being, feeling, relaxation.” Also note that you might find unsavoury characters here, just as you might on any online site. Some of these characters will be easy to spot, and some will be the devils’ own job to identify – where the latter are probably the most sensible to be wary of. Site moderators might well get rid of some of the worst ones, but remember that it is not a crime to just be a pervert, (after all, who knows what you are *really* thinking). Furthermore, one man’s pervert is another man’s best friend. However, it is wholy unacceptable here to impose your gropey, feely, gross inuendo, and unwanted, attentions on other site users.

E. Mutual respect is the name of the game here and infractions will be dealt with appropriately. The aim is make this site a safe place for the exchange of ideas and content which puritans might find offensive but the average Arty type might be quite comfortable with, this means we will tend to lean more towards naturist style content and away from voyeur/exhibitionist material. Sometimes these definitions, like Art, can be difficult to define or to differentiate, but gratuitous glamour nudity is usually simple to spot. If you would be embarassed to show the content to your parents, or to your children, or to your neighbour, or to your work colleague, perhaps you shouldn’t post it. We all have different ideas of what constitutes unacceptable, but generally, like Art, we all know it when we see it (or think we do). We have a team of motivated and intelligent moderators to ensure the above boundaries are observed.

For more info see the Mission Statement


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