Site Upgrade and What’s New

We had a major upgrade at the start of 2018. For new members please browse and learn how it all works via the help documentation in the menu. For existing members, you’ll notice a number of things have changed, and some things are DIFFERENT, in particular:

  1. Menus – have been rationalized. You’ll want to take some time to familiarize yourself with the new layout. The home activity feed is under the Naktiv title, at the top of every page where you’d expect.
  2. Profiles – a lot of functionality is now controlled from within YOUR profile area, especially privacy settings etc. Also, if you don’t like someone’s posts, you can now use the new mute button against their profile.
  3. Permissions – have changed in detail but remain essentially the same in principle (eg; are still YOUR responsibility) – see the permissions docs. for more information on this important topic.
  4. Media galleries – are where your uploads are stored, (your images are INSIDE your gallery/galleries), check out the privacy and editing facilities for your galleries and images. You upload from your profile gallery currently, although direct activity feed upload is coming soon.
  5. Reporting – and removal of inappropriate material is now brought more under the control of the membership. If an image is reported or flagged three (3) times, then it will be hidden temporarily until the moderators make a final decision in each case. This puts the initial control of visible material on the site in YOUR hands.
  6. Processes – in the backend are different, especially privacy, reporting and moderation, etc. and we’re working on making the changes under the improved system as intuitive as possible. Your patience and understanding is appreciated as we fix the unexpected side-effects of each decision.
  7. Translations – we aim to support at least French and German initially and other languages later on. This is a mammoth work-in-progress and could be a lot of fun to. Please be patient and/or feel free to join the effort.
  8. Links and formatting – may well be a bit awry in places due to the migration, please feel free to clean up your blogs and posts appropriately. The documentation is being updated as we speak, if you see something strange and/or inaccurate please let us know.
  9. Data – has all been migrated from the old system. This process was a lot more complex than expected and it’s always possible we missed something. If you see anything out of the ordinary, or unexpected, perhaps your verification didn’t carry across the migration, or your memberships are askew, or permissions are wrong/different, or a link is missing, or anything else untoward, please don’t have a fit about it, either fix it yourself or let us know and we’ll try to fix it ASAP.

If anything is not clear regarding these changes the correct place to ask about it would be the upgrade group. There will be a slight pause to let the dust settle before any further changes are made. We hope you enjoy the new and ongoing functionality upgrades!


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