A. If you’re in any way concerned about who can view your content, you MUST read about the extensive privacy system. If you feel harassed or hounded in any way, via friend requests or inappropriate remarks, (and we earnestly hope not), please let the moderators know by using the “Report” facility, available on all profiles and posts.

B. When commenting on people’s content: First of all consider whether you are observing the standard Netiquette guidelines; Secondly, and most importantly, please use the Nested Replies feature. This makes it much easier to follow replies through a thread where multiple people have responded to one another.

C. The site has multiple ways to “Share” content on to other social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. The flexibility of this functionality is especially useful here. Using the “Share” features will encourage people to look at the Naktiv site and to build the community.

D. One thing to take note of, when you tweet directly from the Naktiv site, the image itself is restricted to logged in site members only. Because the remote site (FB/Twxr/G+/etc) doesn’t have a log in, this means you sometimes have to share 2 items in the same tweet or remote post:
1. The link to your image/post on The nook
2. A thumbnail of your own.

E. If you want to adjust the emails notifications which are sent to your account, go to Account->Account_Settings then Privacy_Settings->Notifications and switch on/off as per your preferences.

F. For any questions, first read the extensive documentation under the Menu->Help and Menu->Info menu items, along the top of every page. If your answer is not found there, perhaps consider posting a question, or suggestion, in the appropriate groups.

G. Finally, if you like the site, please remember to tell your friends, and share the good news Smile


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