Please note: if you were verified before, just contact the admin via the upgrade group and request us to check the data. New verification procedure is on the TODO list, in the meantime there’s a manual step to observe:

The Verification procedure, of your face recognizable profile, runs like this:

1. Take a photo (or screenshot) of the Naktiv Network home page, including both the title banner and the main news feed, on your PC.

2. Take an identifiable photo of yourself clearly holding the Naktiv Network screenshot >naked< !

3. Take an identifiable photo of yourself clearly holding the Naktiv Network screenshot >clothed< !

4. Upload all three (3) photos into a PRIVATE gallery within your profile – name it “verification images” or something similar, and inform the admin via PM.

5. It might take a while to respond, so don’t panic, we’ll take a look when we get some free TUITs.

!!! -> Please READ the notes below! <- !!!  

A. The verification system is a means whereby users can be reasonably certain they are interacting with a real person. When several moderators have independently verified that a user’s profile reasonably represents a real person, that account becomes verified and you will see a green “tick” on the avatar/profile for that account. This enables site users to make a more reasonable decision as to whether the person commenting on their content is who they say they are, whether they are male or female, whether they are old or young, etc. While this will HELP to weed out many fake or fraudulent user accounts, remember this is still the internet. Please take note that not being verified does not mean you are not a real person, a non-verified account simply means the limited number of moderators have not been able to verify this profile, yet.

B. This verification system does NOT make any judgement on whether the person has a nice character, or whether that person thinks like you do, or whether this person is rich or poor, or whether the social services and police departments recommend this person for child-care, or whether this person is a devious psychopath, or whether this person is a cute bunny who will love you forever, or NOT.

C. The system simply says the following:

  • 1. a number of moderators have looked at the user profile.
  • 2. the user profile (with face in photo) reasonably represents the user, eg; is reasonably accurate as to age, gender, location, lifestyle, etc.
  • 3. the user is known to the moderators, this may be personally (obviously preferable), or via some other reasonable form of recognition.

D. There is NO requirement to be verified as a real person, and this is a purely optional feature. If you do wish to be verified, you can use the Verify Profile function from within your profile.

E. NB. If you make *any* changes to your profile, you will (obviously) need to be re-verified. A number of people do not seem to understand why this is the case, so this is explained here:

  • 1. You verify that you are 52 year old male from New York. (easy enough and ok)
  • 2. You now change your profile data to pretend to be a 22 year young woman from Miami. (not ok, but this is the internet and you can do what you like with your profile)
  • 3. Unless we revoke your verification, you are still *verified*.
  • Do you see the problem…?

F. Things to avoid:

  • Do NOT use photoshop or equivalent!
  • Do NOT post raw or extra-large images, please see photo sizes for more info.
  • Do NOT post your verification photos in a photo album!
  • Do NOT post your verification photos on the main feed!
  • Do NOT get upset when your verification is rescinded after you change your profile information!
  • Do NOT get upset when your verification is rejected because you have not followed these instructions.
  • Do NOT get upset when verification takes longer than you expect.

Cheers 🙂

Additional notes:
H. This is not foolproof, just as any other online social network cannot 100% guarantee the veracity of their membership. However we will undertake whatever checks we consider necessary to reasonably reassure ourselves that verified profiles reasonably represent the user who is using that profile on this site. And no more.

I. Donations do NOT form any part of this verification process.

J. Verification can take a little while, depending purely on administrative resources, your understanding and patience is appreciated.



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