Naked Snowshoeing

Weather wasn’t great, but favorable enough. I went naked snowshoeing today. It felt great to have the cool air on my skin. I didn’t even shiver at all. My toes got a bit cold in my boots, but that was it. I might post a picture later in the week. 0

Ancient and Modern

It’s been a cold March this year, so I was really happy to have a couple of days which were (just about) warm enough to undress on the Isle of Arran. The photos are from the ancient stone circles on Machrie Moor and the clearance village if Laggantuin. 4+ Users who have LIKED this post:

Hi New member

Just uploaded photos of me enjoying being nude in the garden. Waiting for summer all being well. Although the nearest nudist facility is a just 18 km away, it takes about almost an hour from starting the car to achieving that fantastic feeling of having no clothes – nude. So not visiting as frequently as … Read moreHi New member

Very long winter

Here it is March, and its still snowing, cold, windy, awful to be out naked.    I live near Spokane, WA, USA.  We’ve been cooped up inside since October.   I seriously need to move south before the coming ice age really takes hold. 1+ Users who have LIKED this post:


Do you shave? I don’t mean just face or legs. Do you ever get a haircut? Trim your nails? What is natural? I have a number of tattoos, and supposedly, the presence of these body modifications will keep me out of Heaven according to some religions. Piercings also are no-nos. Oops! Natural means different things … Read morenaturally


Last time i was a member, i posted enough blogs to be in the most blogs posted club. I posted 30. Yes, i m bragging. (And no i don’t capitalize i except when it is autocorrect). I say this because we all like to have individual achievements that probably don’t mean a thing to others, … Read moreRecords