Information and registration details

Information for the Naked European Walking Tour 2018. The cost for participating in the hut group is usually @175 Euros, and @50 for the tent group, usually via PayPal with more details available from each group leader only via personal invitation. Space is usually fairly limited, (and we have to know reliable numbers to book … Read moreInformation and registration details

Goodbye, Rotten Apple!

I used to be an Apple fan and I couldn’t imagine life without Apple. The first stroke of epiphany came when my wife ditched her iPhone and got herself an Android. I played around with her phone and I knew I had been shortchanged all these years usin

Clothing Optional – Wear what you like

I love the term clothing optional, it has the capacity to cover so many things.
I am fascinated by clothes, and by clothing norms. For example in hot weather a woman can wear a light dress, with the freedom that can bring, men however, in western culture,

Better or Worse (two)

Living in a 'clothes-free' home was about as natural as it can be, there was no pressure at all to put clothes on or to take them off. It was usually more comfortable to get rid of outdoor clothes once indoors! depending on the levels of heating