End of the Summer?

Yesterday was very nice and hot day, and they was saying, that cold days will come. I had free afternoon, so my desire and plans was pure. My walk stared about  2 PM. I took my skinners (soxs for walk) and after few meters I took off my shorts .. Freedom has started! On the first peak I took photo using one old limb as tripod.  One  biker was driving around, so at least he had an attraction.. Than A walk was very quiet.. I came at the escarpment of the hill with amazing view on landscape. What a wonderful feeling to be there! On the back way I have met a shepherd with cows. I took my shorts – just in case. His dogs  dogs barked at me, but I go by my way without fear because I saw the shepherd is watching on me and getting orders to dogs.. I wave at him and when I was far from they I took my shorts of again..

Very nice ,14 km long walk with amazing views. Came at car at 7PM

With the cows On the first peak.beautiful view of the valley

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  1. Hello Andy,
    I always wondered where this place was, so special, with a small lake at the end of a beautiful plain between two lines of hills. Is it perhaps the plain that begins in Jablonov nad Turňou? Good walks are good for everything (body, mind, spirit).

    • Ciao Vittorio, yes you are right. Its the valley between Jablonov na Turňou and Turňa nad Bodvou.. When you will come we can visit thi place together..
      And yes , you are right. Its always amazing feeling anf great for my body, mind and soul. So refreshing!

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