Evening light

Sometimes, even a habitual landscape, which you see every day, can be surprising: everything is as it was yesterday, a month ago, as it will be tomorrow. Yet a thousand things have changed: the sky is overcast, there is no wind, the water is a mirror, the gaze runs here and there and doesn’t get tired of looking. Seeing me naked in the photo while contemplating the tranquillity of the evening is like a video projector, it calls attention, it is an invitation: nature offers me this for dinner, what I see satiates me.

4 thoughts on “Evening light”

  1. Thanks, Stefano, thanks Emma.
    I am very pleased with your appreciation. I discovered this in my photos: they help me to see a dimension of reality and nature that visual evidence or aesthetics alone could not bring out. Some places have an inner harmony between all the elements that enchants. Listening to this “song” we take in a little of the same harmony. And the next day we are able to rediscover it (harmony) and to listen to it (song) in other places too.

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