[FQN] Sugar Shack event

[FQN] Sugar Shack event


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Sugar Shack event with the FQN on April 13th

This year, we offer a traditional meal in a real sugar shack, including all the favorites of last years meals …

Pea soup,
Fried bacon (the famous ears of Christ)
The omelette,
The maple ham,
And more, all drizzled with maple syrup will.

Calories and cholesterol guaranteed, but as you know, it's only once a year!

The cabin is located in the Montreal area.

You can buy your tickets:
The activities of the FQN (pool, gym, bowling, etc.).
By contacting the FQN by email or phone. Leave us your contact details and the number of people in your group and we will contact you with payment and directions to get to the sugar shack.

Note that after March 15, the price will be increased by $ 5.

For members FQN:
Adults 31 and older: $ 20 per person.
18-30: $ 17.00 per person.
13-17: $ 8
For children ages 6 to 12: $ 6.00

For non-members:
Adults 31 and older: $ 25 per person.
18-30: $ 22 per person.
13-17: $ 12.00
For children 6 to 12 years: $ 10.00
For less than 6 years old – Free

Bring a towel, your mood, your appetite and your beer or wine!

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