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  1. How's the weather? I tried to escape the freaking rain in Switzerland and came now to Norway to find more rain, all wet I did now my first hike in two months. I bought a SAAB in England and this is how I'm travelling around. I got really irritated by the fact that there's only one sunny day between several days of rain, so the soil is always wet, and the air mostly cold except on the rare sunny day spots.

  2. Our main hut is full, although we may have some space left.

    If anyone else wants to come along on this tour, you are encouraged to 1) post some of your previous naked hiking experiences onsite (so we know who we are inviting) and 2) come as a couple (so as to improve the gender ratio).


  3. We are now planning our first trip to Europe to take part in the NEWT and tour Germany for another two weeks. Most likely we will fly into Munich rent a car and after doing the NEWT, tour up the Reine through Cologne and on to Hamburg to fly home. Any recommendations for a naturist friendly travel agent would be welcome. We are both fit 66 year olds and accustomed to traveling light.

  4. I need to see my schedule first? But how much for the accommodation and food? If in hut definitely need to split up the price but of using tent do we all need to bring each for our selves or where can I rent the camp or tent ..perhaps we can share so not everyone will bring the tent? Curious

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