Trial for Naked Dancers in San Francisco


7:00 am


Department A, Courthouse
850 Bryant St, San Francisco
Map Unavailable

Tuesday, June 4th there will be a trial for the nude dancers who
were arrested on February 27 earlier this year. Gypsy Taub and George Davis
were arrested,
Woody Miller (Nude Woody) was cited. The nudist activists were participating
in the Body Freedom Dance Performance at the Harvey Milk Plaza.

On February 17 the Naked Sword was shooting a gay parody film called "The Cover
Up" in the same exact location. The film featured a demonstration against the
nudity ban with Supervisor Scott Cox played by a famous porn star. There were
many nude participants in that shoot, including Gypsy Taub who played herself.
Even though the nudity ban was already in effect (starting February 1st, 2013),
and even though the police were observing the shoot from the other side of the
street, no one was cited and no arrests were made. Mr Pam, the director of the
film, told Gypsy Taub that they had obtained a $200 permit from the city. Even
though it was not a street parade permit no arrests were made.

Body freedom activists could not afford a $200 permit. They also felt that
having to pay for their 1st Amendment right would not only violate the 1st
Amendment itself but also the 14th Amendment that guarantees equal protection
rights to citizens regardless of their financial status.

The trial will take place on June 4th at 1:30 PM at 850 Bryant St, San
Francisco, Department A.

On the same day, June 4th, at 9 AM in the same exact location Gypsy Taub will
be having an arraignment for her 3 citations and arrest that she got all in one
day on March 22 in front of the City Hall.

On March 22 Gypsy Taub was holding a protest against the nudity ban in front of
the City Hall. After making her speech she stripped naked and was immediately
handcuffed. Gypsy told the female officer who handcuffed her that they hadn't
even given her a chance to sign a citation. The officer uncuffed Gypsy. After
signing the citation Gypsy took off the blanket that the police put on her. She
was cited again. This kept going on until Gypsy had 3 citations after which she
was arrested and hauled away to the angry shouts at the police and cheers for
body freedom coming form the crowd of about 50 supporters.

If you plan on coming to film the trial please apply for filming permits right
away. On April 2nd of 2013, at the previous trial for the nudist activists ABC
News was denied a filming permit and was told that they had to apply at last 3
days in advance. It normally takes 1 day but the nudists case is treated very
differently by the City. Media is not welcome. At that trial charges against
the nudists were upheld and the Judge openly said that the 1st Amendment had
nothing to do with her.

The body freedom activists are going to use her statements in their Federal
lawsuit against the City's nudity ban.

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