Experiment I – Naked in Britain

I took a train to Market Harborough where I joined the Brampton Valley Way. An old railway track that is now a cycle route between Market Harborough and Northampton.
It was a warm evening and once out of town I got down to just breech cloths (front and back), but didn't go bare.
Then I put on a vest for warmth and walked through the first tunnel, it was slippy inside so I used my torch.
On the other side I was intending to go naked, but on exiting the weather seemed to have changed. It felt about 5 degrees colder and was cloudy.
After another mile or two it warmed up again and I knew I wasn't far from my intended campsite. I took the step of stripping off totally.
Took some pictures.
I met 2 cyclists
Then an elderly couple, she said hello but he said 'You ought to be ashamed of yourself'
This was rather discouraging.
I covered up soon after that. Only about 10 or fifteen minutes naked then 🙁
Camped just north of the second tunnel.

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