Face Covering Irony

It occurred to me that COVID-19 has presented an ironic turn-about. Every day, there are more news stories about people who are upset about requirements to wear face coverings or masks in public places. Some even react violently about the rules.

While the debate over the coverings obviously is a multi-faceted argument, one thing is clear. Right, wrong, or indifferent, the rules do at least have scientifically based roots in protecting public health.

The ironic part is that most of the people that resent wearing the face coverings are probably textile-minded folks who would adamantly demand that everyone must wear clothing, even when there is no plausible or scientific reason to do so.

Keep that in mind the next time you hear someone complaining about face coverings. It would be a great opportunity to start a conversation about the temporary nature of the face covering rules, and the long term nature of anti-nudity rules, as well as the scientific basis, and lack thereof, related to each set of rules.






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