Facial tan lines

This is the poster for a photo exhibition by young photographer Fabrizio Spucches dedicated to Covid-19. The parts left blank by the tan immediately reminded me of the similar tan lines left by swimsuits or bikinis. To the images, I was not able to disassociate their content, indeed to compare it.
1) taking off the mask is an act of personal freedom, as is taking off the swimsuits.
2) the part of the body that is hidden becomes socially something that cannot be shown in public
3) you hide certain body parts for moral principles. They say we must wear a mask for social ethics, for responsibility to others and ourselves. Does the same happen with other parts of the body? That is: there is = there has been imposed on us also, in this case, a kind of moral ethics / social ethics even in the obligation to wear a swimsuit
4) Social conditioning seems to be the same: it always comes from those in power; contrary opinions are silenced; it doesn’t matter if there are no scientific reasons for the mandatory use of swimsuits or masks.
5) hiding something gives rise to an exaggerated, deviant, unhealthy desire that leads to an unnatural attitude. It is a violent act towards reality. We are afraid of other people’s faces; do faces per se, like other parts of our body, cause scandal?



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