Fake profiles, Tineye, and the like.

Fake profiles are the bane of any decent website, forum or social media network. There are various tools which can be used to help identify likely fakes. Chief amongst these is the well known TinEye photo research tool, (there are of course many others). Throw a suspect photo into TinEye and if it comes back with a bunch of identical images found on several porn sites, well, the chances are that you might have a fake profile on your hands. Note the careful use of the word might !

If someone is posting somebody else's photos as their own, (pretending to be someone they are not), this counts as a fake profile and they will be banned from the site. This is fairly clear. However, many nudists (typically) will go one step further than this and insist that if pornographic images are discovered amongst a collection which has been pointed to by Tineye, then the assumption is that this is also a reason to ban the user. The two cases are quite different. This is quite simple, but many people have problems with it, so I'll try to spell this out simply.

Given the premise that the image is initially acceptable here then, (based on what you discover elsewhere), there is no place on the Naktiv site for (to be read/spoken with a suitably haughty sneer) "we don't want that sort of person here !". Wrong! the Naktiv site is NOT concerned with what the FBI can find out about you. Certainly we will use any tools at our disposal to reasonably reassure ourselves that we are dealing with a real individual, represented by their profile on the Naktiv site, but we do not wire-tap you, we do not snoop on other web sites for spurious activities, we do not encourage blackmailers. It might be very tempting to set ourselves up as the judge and jury for everyone else's private activities, but this is a very slippery slope, and I for one am far too busy having fun here to be bothered with it.

Let's make this interesting by giving a couple of examples: gay stiffies have been posted on the Naktiv site, and this was unnacceptable and they were removed. Gay stiffies have been posted by members (and moderators) of the Naktiv site, on other web sites and this is not our concern. Pornographic material has been posted on the Naktiv site and been removed immediately with frequent offenders being banned. Pornographic material has been posted by members of the Naktiv site on other web sites and this is also not our concern. We are NOT the moral guardians of a family-friendly nudist club, the Naktiv site encourages and promotes healthy naked activities and has a much wider remit. I know this is difficult for many people to grasp, but this simply means that when you see someone post a photo on the Naktiv site which you can find on another site using (eg.) Tineye, the main question we have to ask, (given that the image is acceptable in the first place), is whether "this is the person represented by the profile"? Not whether they are engaged in family approved activities on the remote website in question.

I'll say it again: the Naktiv site is only concerned with what is posted on the Naktiv site, and whether or not it is acceptable HERE, and NOT with the moral judgement of the membership elsewhere.

I expect discussions 🙂

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  1. I'm in full agreement with Richard, as long as you don't overstep the mark here then what you do elsewhere is irrelevant, although there are limitations!

    The same question arises with swingers in clubs, no problem until they try to introduce swinging into a naturist setting.

    A large club in the UK fell foul of the employment laws when they dismissed an employee for having once appeared in porn films; being judgemental cost the club a tidy sum in compensation for unlawful dismissal.

    Unless the activities are unlawful, and kept separate from naturism, there is absolutely no reason to bar anyone….. except people who wear socks with sandals, they'd have to go!


  2. Sorry Richard, no discussion about this piece from my side. I totally agree. You can be a naturist or nudist and also be in porn, but this isn't the community for the latter. All profiles here should be real also, no question about that.

    • i think for admin it is very diffilculty to identify a fake profile. many profile pictures get copied from the internet and if you do not come agross one you never will know. I my self found some of my pictures on truenaturist. I did not put the there. but what can you do. if you on a naturist site you must recon with this

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