Feeling like a full-time home nudist.

At the moment I’m between assignments. As the weather isn’t good enough to head out to the nude beach (the wind is too cold and someone stole our sun), I spend a fair amount of time at home and therefore clothes-free. It’s great. In the past 2.5 days I had to slip into a bathrobe once for a caller at the door, and into shorts and a shirt for someone who delivered a package. Both events took 10 dressed minutes at best, probably closer to 5.

The box that was delivered contained something I had to assemble. If you never did that, assemble something while in the nude. You’ll be amazed how much easier it is to kneel and move around when you’re not restricted by clothes. It’s so much better.

10 thoughts on “Feeling like a full-time home nudist.”

  1. So many day to day activities in the home are much more comfortably done while nude, no clothing to make stretching your body feel restricted. I've lived nude at home for many years and really notice how clothing does hamper movement if I wear some when its really cold, compared to how much easier it is to do normally.

  2. I love working around the house in the nude Paul. Kitchen, bath, and home office remodeling these past several years, most all of it done in the nude. Gutted the rooms down to bare studs and rebuilt from there. Even cut a gaping hole through the outer wall and installed a large new bay window into the kitchen. Every minute thus spent, enjoyed all the more.

    Come to think of it, I'm not sure that those IKEA wordless assembly manuals even depict clothing on the human figures used to convey the steps to be taken. I wonder if that is an intentional oversight? Or maybe I'm just blind to clothes now if they are depicted therein.

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