Finding a naturist flat mate

Photos from the flat sharing time were few and they have disappeared. The vintage photo is only an eyecatcher.

Finding a naturist flat mate

A big change in my life was approaching – moving from home at the countryside to a for me unknown big university town. My university studies were about to start. From senior high school studies with very structured schedules to the freedom at university. From the safe environment with the parents to freedom, but also responsibility and uncertainty. 

I knew what to study, I was already registered for studies in economics. But where to find a place to live? It was a shortage of student rooms, might get that after some months of queueing. But until then? Luckily I came to talk about my struggles with one of my cousins  and we directly found out that we were about to move to the same city! His family, my uncle and aunt and their three children; my cousins; lived in a small town not so far from us. We used to meet fairly often, even going on holiday together to naturist resorts, since they were also naturists like my family. 

My cousin Tomas and I are born the same year and were like raised together, really buddies. So we looked forward to find a flat to share. That might be easier than getting a student room. So we started advertising in the local newspaper in the university town and of course checking ads from people renting out flats. This was in the 1970’s, before the internet era, so it was not as easy as today to match supply and demand!

The supply of two bedroom flats was limited! After a while we found a nice place, but it was a three bedroom flat….we needed only two rooms. Now we had to find a third flat mate! Tomas and I realised that we really wanted to stick to our naturist habits, could we find another naturist?? How to deal with that? Where to search for a naturist? Or just finding a decent guy that could accept the flat as a clothes free zone. It was anyway a time when many people were openminded and freethinking. Especially young people. It should not be impossible! 

We came to the university city, found the flat and the flat owner, signed our contract, moved in with our few things (the flat was fully furnished) and found ourselves standing in the small living room being very pleased! Just one thing was wrong – we still had clothes on! 

”We must declare this flat as a clothes free zone”, Tomas bursted! Of course, we got rid of our clothes and felt more free than ever. Moving from home, now in a big city, in a flat, and so satisfied with being nude again! It was a relief for sure.

Now we could start hunting for a third person! 

”Let’s go out and have dinner at a restaurant and celebrate”, I said to Tomas. He agreed, so we had to get dressed again and found our way to the city center area. A lot of restaurant were to be found, we checked around at the menues at display at the entrances. After a while we were so hungry and impatient that we agreed ”let’s take the next, regardless of menu!” We went in at a place that fortunately looked fairly nice and there were several other young people around as guests. We soon learned that it was a popular meeting place for students. We were invited to join in for coffee and drinks among a bunch of guests after we’ve had our meal. Lot of nice people from around the same area far from the university town, they were members in the same student club. We talked about many things and suddenly our issue of finding a third flatmate was in focus. ”I for sure need a place to crash” said a guy. He looked nice and expectant. Tomas and I looked at each other and we knew we both agreed to talk more in detail with the guy. His name was Johan. I thought it was the best to be open directly with him about our special requirement, that the flat should be a clothesfree zone. I’ve been very open with my naturism since high school, when I had a presentation about naturism and so to say outed myself as nudist.

”Well Johan, have to tell you one important thing already from start – both Tomas and I are active naturists, so the flat is a clothesfree zone.” I stated. Johan got a little puzzled but mainly excited and interested, he looked at me and Tomas and said ”Gosh, sounds exciting to me, tell me more!”  The others around could of course follow our conversation, but there were no negative comments. More of curious questions and supportive statements. ”I’ve heared a lot about it, but never dared to try.” ”Some relatives are naturists, I’ve always been curious about it”, ”I like skinny dipping”, ”Isn’t it much about to be in line with the nature?”…..many questions flew around. So Tomas and I told about the way we were brought up, in naturist families. Nudity as something for us fully natural and normal. Not connected as such with sex, even if we of course also like sex as all humans. We talked about the free feeling when hiking a sunny day, followed by a cooling swim somewhere in a lake in the forest. 

I noticed that Johan, the guy interested in sharing our flat, seemed to have mixed feelings. Really interested but something made him frustrated. I turned to him and asked if he wanted to check the flat and the room that he could hire. He didn’t hesitate at all, just agreed that he would really appreciate the opportunity. So after saying good bye to the others and sharing adress and telephone numbers, we went to the flat, me, Tomas and Johan. 

As we came to the flat we showed Johan around, the kitchen, the living room and of course the room that could be his. In order not to stress him we didn’t take of our clothes as would be the normal for me and Tomas. ”I think it would be amazing to live here” said Johan and continued shyly ”but I must tell you one thing – I’m a homosexual guy.” He looked so scared when he had disclosed this fact, both Tomas and I felt so sorry for him. I just gave Johan a long, big hug and said that he was even more welcome as our flat mate now, since he had dared to be open with us, shown his vulnerabitily. Tomas also gave Johan a big, welcoming hug. ”OK guys” I said ”now I just HAVE to get back to normal, clothes off!” With that I undressed, Tomas too but also Johan with only a little hesitation. So there we were, three nude flatmates. ”I’m so happy” said Johan ”and so grateful that this opportunity by coincidence came in my way”. We sat down and talked until late, getting to know our new fellow Johan better, and he us. It was a good start for our flat sharing, that lasted in almost three years. More about that later.

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  1. A very interesting story indeed. Our neighbour back at our last place was always curious about us being naturists as a family, it took her many months and several ‘cautious’ or ‘nervous’ visits into our home before she felt relaxed. Eventually, when we were sunbathing in our secluded garden, she took off her skirt & blouse, her bra soon followed. She remained in her panties but settled ok. Many times afterwards she would undress in our garden, but not quite completely, she said that was her “very private place”.

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