First naked hike of the year

Who can believe that it is still only February and in the uk, today the weather was absolutely great. Warm enough to strip off and enjoy a naked walk in the countryside. Really beautiful countryside around leeds. Exploring a new route. Only managed a short walk today due to time constraints. However in the not too distant future hoping to explore further. Certainly looks promising

5 thoughts on “First naked hike of the year”

  1. Yes, I managed a naked walk for about an hour yesterday and it felt great. The length of the walk was only limited by the length of the path I felt safe on being naked. A couple of days ago I was able to spend some time naked in my garden – making the best of this mild spell! (It won’t last, I’m sure the Winter still has some bite left for us…)

  2. That’s awesome for UK! Did my longest nude hike of the year today, 5.7 mile loop. Intermittent clouds, not too hot, erasing the tan lines, penetrated deeper into the wild than I’ve been before. Just need a few other naturists to share the experience with.

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