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I had quite an interesting commute today. Leaving at 7am this morning in blowing snow the size of quarters, My sister and I needed to head down south of Montreal for an appointment and the snow later turned into freezing rain. While trying to prevent myself from pulling a ‘Bambi’ on the ice and risk hurting my already healing fractured wrist. I did not want to slip and hurt myself and be in a cast again for an additional 8 weeks. The last 8 weeks were the worse for me. The simplest of tasks I needed to learn how to do all over again. Washing dishes for example. I discovered the best way was to wash my feet very good, sit up on the counter and hold the dishes with my feet and wash with my left hand. I told myself, hey, at least it gets the job done; also using my mouse with a left hand by moving it to the left side of my keyboard.

After waiting 45min for a bus to go back to Montreal with our Tim Hortons coffee in our hands the bus finally arrives and we were happy to get out of the ugly weather we were having — only until the bus driver figures he’s a snow plow and drives through a snowbank to pick up another commuter. When the bus tried to pull out and continue his route he found himself dumbfounded and could not break free from the grasp of winter’s snow. The bus, rocking back and forth to try create a path to break free… he gave up and called in help. Help took another 30min to arrive and at that point their were passengers who decided to give up and get off to walk to their destination. When we were finally saved by another bus I could not wait to get home and shower because the bus was so hot, I was sweating in my winter clothes.

After my shower, I sit here looking outside my window at my balcony seeing the snow melting off my burlap-wrapped tree and summer umbrella to see the freezing rain turned in to actual rain. The first rain of 2016. Just thinking about that is giving me high hopes for the early spring they have predicted and visually seeing myself biking to Bare River for the first time of 2016. I want to start on my tan and to finally be clothesfree outside with the warm sun kissing my skin and the gentle breeze among friends of mine in the area. Winter is so long and can be depressing for me, since there is not very much one can really do as far as clothesfree activities without freezing your butt off.

C’mon Spring and Summer, I think I can speak for most of you for that being said.

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