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So, I went to “La Belle Provence”, a restaurant here in Quebec and ordered two steamy hot-dogs with only mustard for Amber and two textile hot-dogs to go… The casher looked at me puzzled with my order and asked me, “textile hotdogs?” I replied back saying oh I’m sorry.. two all-dressed hotdogs. she just looked at me in confusion why I called them textile. I guess it’s a nudist thing she had to be to understand. lol

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  1. Textile hotdogs, a clever conversation starter. I might use that one sometime with your approval Scott. I enjoy gently probing around the edges of nudity with textiles that way. For me, a conversation with two female friends at a pub the other night went as so: They both know that I strongly favor kilts as that is all that they have ever seen me wearing. I have not worn pants for years and they know it. So we are talking about my recent hiking trips starting with NEWT in Austria, then moving on to UK and Wales this past summer and they asked if I even wore my kilts while hiking on the trails and I replied without hesitation "of course not". They thought for a minute until the implication of my statement sunk in. Then smiles broke across their faces as they stated with approving nods and in unison, "we should have guessed." We then went on to discuss at length points of interest during my trip, the wonderful experience that it all was, the pleasure of meeting some 30 new fellow naturists from across the globe. There attitude by the time we moved to the next topic: OK, so I prefer not to wear clothes sometimes, a nice option for a person to have.

    I innocently let naturist terminology like the words "textile" drop into my conversations with coworkers and clients on occasion. Then I might be asked to explain. Whether I need to explain or not, it is my gentle way of reminding my textile friends as they realize that the sky has not fallen just because there is a naturist in their midst. It's really a great way to put some folks more at ease with the concept of nudist living.

    You've stumbled upon a great thing Scott.


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