FQN: Christmas Dinner & Spa (Chalet de Boise)

I’m sitting here writing this without Internet, TV or phone service and well I guess I have time now to write this blog after all, no choice lol. My friend Happy Bare, Amber and I went to the Christmas dinner together by car. We arrived around 4:30pm and it was cold at the spa. We seen cars parked in the parking lot and thought we were early until we went inside to get our raffle tickets for the draw for the gifts on the table that would later be picked later on.

Turns out we were not alone after all when we went in the back of the resort, outside were about 12 people already in the hot tub. and some in the sauna. That’s where I found Francois, the president of the FQN. Since I just arrived, still having all my winter coat on and all I walked in to the sauna to greet him. We talked for about 5min and by the time I got out of that sauna I felt like I lost about 2lbs already! Glad to be out of the sauna with my clothes still on, We disrobed in the changing room and made out way to the beautiful dining room that had a iron wood stove-heater that which at that point, most of us were huddled around for warmth. we picked the table near the heater and one of us decided to put more wood in to get the fire bigger to warm the place up. Plop went in the cut log and a few of us quickly stepped away as the big embers flew out nearly singeing some sensitive parts! No wiener roast at this dinner tonight, It is just not going to happen!

The entree for the Christmas dinner was a leek and vegetable soup with a dinner roll and crackers. it was quite tasty. Next was the actual dinner with a mini meat pie, veggies, baby potatoes, turkey and cranberries. During this course of the meal it was time to call out the numbers on the raffle tickets. The first number was called and to my surprise I was the first one! They called two more people as well and we were 3 to play this game to determined who has first pick at the gifts on the table. There was Italian wine, bath sets, chocolate, skin products and other various items to choose from. The object to this game was to place a coin on the back of your elbow with your arm bent and elbow pointing in front of you. Balance the coin and then with the same arm, grab the coin before it hits the floor. the one who catches it more often with 3 tries gets first pick. the first women was first and did catch it 1 out of 3 tries. The second woman missed all three times. When it was my turn I caught the first and third time but missed the second. I won, and choose the bottle of wine.

At this time, I went outside for a cig in that -20c with nothing but my coat and my towel wrapped around me for the fastest cig I’ve ever had! While I was smoking they had called the number for Happy Bare and he won the chocolate truffles with a game of charades. For desert, we all had a black forest cake with a cheery on top. I love cherries, I ate that first and then devoured the cake. The Evening went on and we had coffee or tea when another game for couples only started. The object to this game was there was an apple per couple (there was 2 couples) with a fork in them. You had 30seconds for each couple to eat as much of the apple without your hands while someone was holding the apple up in the air with the fork. Well, if you could have seen this game.. they each looked like when you put a cube of bloodworms in an aquarium of hungry fish trying to eat everything before the other fish do! Hilarious!

I would like to thank Happy Bare for driving us there and for a pleasant and fun evening!

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