Freedom II . . .

Just a quick update. My in-laws popped in the other night and I chose to remain nude. Afterwards whilst my wife was chatting to her mom, she told my wife that she was not offended but felt a bit uncomfortable and would like me to put on shorts if she is there. I have no problem with this and out of respect for other I will comply. At least now she knows she may encounter me being nude and I know with 100% confidence where I stand on the issue of nudity with my in-laws.

Also with yesterday being Nude Gardening Day, I took this oppurtunity to joke with my mom, sister and brother in law. My brother in law said that he was getting worried as I've joked about being the naked chef and have my kitchen windows spary painted "frosted" and now talking about gardening naked – is there something I'm not saying? So I told him I'm a home nudist. Well he has volentered to assist in putting proper glass in the kitchen as the " spray painted frosted glass" is peeling.

Both my sister and my brother in law now knows for definate and neither seem to mind. So slowly but surely I'm having the strength to declare my freedom from clothes with those closest to me.

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      • I'd say it is fear of disapproval/ being judged by those we care about, who may not understand/ accept nudism. A very natural fear, as nudists face lots of judgment but place a high value on relationships (both w/other nudists & textiles). It's born out of a sensitivity to/respect for others who may not reciprocate that respect; hence the need for courage to be open & tactfully address the nudist perspective. 🙂

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