View many naked video links via: Alex's Naked Cycling Site and Google Images and of course, please feel free to contribute - more details on the projects page.

While we're on the subject, here is a very solid rationale about why Naked Nudism Blog does NOT post photos on his site, and while I can understand his sentiments entirely, and I respect his choice, you will find the Naktiv viewpoint is refreshingly different. The reason why there ARE nude photos on the Naktiv site are manifold, and here are a few: Firstly, I think that a web site is simply more interesting with some visual stimulation. I also believe that for people to understand nudity, they need to either experience it themselves or see other people enjoying their own nakedness, in whatever context. I know that one of the things which helped motivate me on my way to naked hiking was seeing Isabelle's lovely, fresh and wholesome site. The fact that there are people out there downloading and ogling pictures of naked people, for their own nefarious pleasures, is something that they are doing to themselves - not to us. We simply have to ignore the idea, not worry about what someone else might be doing, or not doing, and get on with enjoying our own lives. If this site helps to encourage others to get out and be active in a healthy and naked manner, then it will have served it's manifold purpose, and if it does so, in part, through nude photos of people then so be it.

So bearing all that in mind, here are several links to stories on this site with accompanying photos. I hope they give you some ideas for other places to explore, and different activities to persue. Enjoy.