Glamour Model Wrestles Exotic Japanese Nude Model :) :)

Obviously I can’t compete with Mr Skywalker and his impressive list of publications, or with the nice lady who puts bacon into the microwave lol 🙂 However I do happen to be friends with glamour model Fran and very good friends with a Japanese life model named Aya, the beautiful lady on the right 🙂 Photographed at one of my wrestling events, they were wrestling for real, not a bit posed, honest 🙂 I am also a massage therapist and got a lot of business teaching chaps how to massage their lady… or a lady volunteer 🙂 Aya was one of my guinea pigs for this, got loads of bookings from loads of chaps, STILL scratching my head about that one lol 🙂 Gotta go now mother’s calling, stay warm and mind how u go now 🙂 🙂

4 thoughts on “Glamour Model Wrestles Exotic Japanese Nude Model :) :)”

  1. I will post more of this set if peeps ask really really nicely 🙂 Obviously I am looking for terms of utmost respect i.e. ‘oh great one’, ‘your lordship’, ‘we’re not worthy’ etc etc 🙂 Gotta go now my mate has invited me over to sample his greenhouse produce i.e. lettuce etc, ooohhhhh maaaaaaaannnnnn 🙂 🙂

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