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I can truly say this is the greatest nudist/naturist site online.Though I just recently started coming online regularly because I’ve been working and lost my password.I wish that I would have been coming on even more,out of all the so called nudist sites I’ve joined over the years this is the best.Most of the other sites have people that claim to be nudist or naturist,most of their photos are fully clothes.On here is the opposite,everyone live up to their lifestyle.So I would like to say congrats and my clothes are off to all the administrators,members and friends.


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  1. I think that the atmosphere on a site depends on the community – on us.
    If most people on some dite depicted in clothes, then personally I do not want to send my naked photos to that site.
    I have read that on some website nudity was mandatory, but their rules was changed.
    After seeing a lot of naked photos it is weird to see a clothed photo.


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