Harvest time

A mason’s level perfectly horizontal between me and the ripe wheat: in a few days, it will be reaped. The sun ripened it, just as it did us, day by day. I feel ‘live-in’ with the vines, the plant, the grass, the rocks and the sun that never stands still: everything is interpenetrating, consubstantial while remaining what it is. Reason does not know or understand: it is not a question of numbers or elegant formulas. There is something else…

2 thoughts on “Harvest time”

  1. Oh for the days when I could ramble through the countryside, balmy spring evenings were my favourite. Although I must confess I enjoyed walking through a small wooded copse during a light rain shower, that was a delight having a shower in natures garden! You are a lucky man Vittorio to enjoy such days.
    We have virtually no options now to enjoy those times again, poor mobility and general ill health rules our time now.
    We enjoy some small pleasures with family and others, we’re grateful we still enjoy natural freedoms from time to time.

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