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I used to work a job that started at 4 am and ended at 1 pm. The world is a ghost town in my state in the early am hours, a few 24 hr stores and a Dunkin Donuts are open that early but thats abouut it. I decided one day during summer to be daring and got out of bed naked and walked to my car before putting anything on. It was great, most of the other apartments in the complex didnt even have lights on yet. It was as close to being at a nude resort as I could get, even if it was sneaking around.

The night before I put my work uniform in the trunk of my car. I woke up the next day at 3am, naked, I got my coffee and left my apartment in the nude. I walked through the halls, down the stairs and out the front door. I walked in the morning air down the walk way, through the lot and to my car. Got in, and drove through a good portion of my town and onto the highway. I felt like I was pushing my odds of getting caught going as far as I did but I didn’t want to give up. I drove down the highway for my 20 minute commute and into the parking lot of work. I made sure to park in the back of the lot, got out of my car, got my uniform and put it on ready to walk into work like no big deal.

Everything went flawless…until i realized I didnt pack underwear. No big deal except my uniform were scrubs. anyone who has ever worn scrubs or even pj pants with nothing underneath can tell you they dont leave much to the imagination without support. A few close friends let me in on the fact they could tell I didnt have underwear by looking at me. it was a long day but a free day!

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  1. I have about a 20 minute drive through the country (mostly vineyards) from the edge of town to our Casa out in the country. When driving at night, I often strip off once I get past the edge of town and drive naked all the way to the Casa. I love the feeling. And at the Casa, I am naked as often as I can be, sometimes the entire time I am there. All of my neighbors and the woman who keeps up the grounds are all used to seeing me naked and could care less.

  2. My ex often drove naked in the early hours of morning. Only through countryside and very rarely seeing another vehicle let alone people. She stopped every time at a deserted and broken down cottage on the edge of town, just to put on her shorts & bikini top, even in winter. One time she did as usual but needed to ‘pass water’ so she walked to the side of the cottage & crouched down, then she noticed another car parked just a few feet away. She hurried and as she ran towards her car a voice said, “Don’t worry lady, I stopped for the same reason, but I only opened my zipper !”. She got into her car and drove all the way home. She got dressed in our driveway, unseen !

    • Don’t even think about the commando thing mate, I am totally naked for work, I’m life modelling to earn a crust 🙂 Furthermore I don’t work with mature adults, it’s for third level courses in art colleges – last class I did there was a certain amount of sniggering… AND a young lady kept holding up her thumb and forefinger (with a small distance in between!) as though measuring something! Amazingly, colleges tend to have big problems getting and keeping life models in Ireland lol 🙂

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