House building update – Front deck almost done.

Now that the weather has been cooler, I’ve been able to move outside and start working on exterior projects. The first project I had planned to do was to build a front deck.

I dug eight post holes and set the posts then built a 2×8 frame to hold 2×6 joists. On top of that, I screwed down 5/4 x 6″ decking boards. This project, like most of the others, has taken longer than I expected and cost more than I had planned. I still have to build the roof portion.

I’ve been hampered by some cold, wet weather but as usual, it only lasts a few days at the most and then it’s summer again for a few weeks. I tried to wear my short shorts and a half-shirt but even that was too hot. Once I dumped the textiles, I was able to work much more comfortably and get so much more done. Sunscreen was helpful even though the winter sun is not as evil as the summer sun.

The inside of the house is 99.99% done so I’m back on the outside now. After the deck is done, I have a little bit more siding to do then paint. I’m just 13 months into the house project and it’s virtually done. Not bad for a year!

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