Hypocrisy at its best. The double standars of Amazon on Nudity

Every day we find countless examples of how hypocritical our society is.

When we deal with "sensible" matters such as nudity , the hipocrisy goes sky rocket, specially in sexually repressed countries or those where religion is still ruling people's minds.

Let me show you a vivid example. Amazon.co.uk .

Putting aside the ethical considerations when buying from Amazon , with all the well known documented abuses on their own workers , this is one more peek of Amazon's true face. I know, those unethical practices should have put us away from applying to be Associates in the first place, but we're struggling to find a similar site where there's so much available material. That's why we decided to give it a try.

Last week I was about to set up an affiliate account so that I could include some books in NudeInSpain about Bodypainting, nude bodies in Art, Naturism, etc. to add up some contents to the site, so you as visitors would have a wider range of materials about Nudism.

I sent my application and in a matter of seconds I got their answer:

" Hello,
Ive reviewed of your application to become an Amazon Associate, and visited the website where you planned to advertise for Amazon.co.uk.
I noticed that your site contains some graphic sexual images and/or sexually graphic banner advertisements.
Because of this we cant accept your application at this time. As a result of this decision, youll no longer be able to access your Amazon Associates account.
We encourage you to resubmit your application after removing the images and/or advertisements in question.
Thank you for your interest in the Associates Programme. "

Sad, isn't it? Seeing the grammar skills of whoever answered, it's clear this person is just someone applying Amazon's guidelines without even using their own brain to evaluate the websites. Hypocrisy at its best. Calling the content on NudeInSpain "explicit sexual", the same company that makes MILLIONS out of selling "Sex Mad Housewives" kind of books or porn dvds …
… while they have thousands of Nudist customers buying books and material of genuine nude content, just like these we wanted to include in NudeInSpain.com. Just check how many results you get from Amazon by searching for the term "nude".

I am sure our big mistake is being a small site. An application from any kind of site with millions of visitors would have caused an immediate response to say YES, WE WANT YOUR MONEY!!! But you see, NudeInSpain is still small and it's considered sh*t by them.

Now you know what's Amazon.co.uk's view on nudity: If they sell it and make them money, it doesn't matter if it's porn or whatever, it's ok. Other than that, it's unacceptable .

Do you want to make such an organisation richer? We don't.

8 thoughts on “Hypocrisy at its best. The double standars of Amazon on Nudity”

  1. BTW, this was their answer when I sent back a letter of complaint. Just for you to see how useless it was:

    Dear Associate,

    Thank you for your message. When evaluating an application, we do not allow websites that show the following:

    • Male lower half/Female top and bottom half front/back.
    • Any picture or graphic that contains a sexual body part.

    For this reason we cannot accept your application at this time.

    Warmest regards

  2. Hi Mike.
    The problem is that our letter will go directly to the bin, as there's nobody in India (Where amazon.co.uk customer service is located) with decision power to bend their strict rules.

    All we can do as customers is not buying anything from them, but I guess that will damage them as much as an ant biting an elephant. And I can't expect anybody sending protest letters, in the end we're individuals and we do what suits us best.

    Including books from Amazon was an attempt to get some revenue after spending months building the site… I'll have to look somewhere else, being that there's no Amazon or google ads available for our "explicit" website. 🙁
    Another funny thing is that Google won't place their ads on our site, but they will gladly include ads of our site everywhere if we pay for adwords!

    Thanks for your words, Mike.

  3. I think that you have every right to be angry about this, the letter is very offensive in light of the content of your excellent web site.
    I have just done a search on Amazon and found a plethora of books on 'Naturism' similar in content to your web site. Clearly the letter you have received is a nonsense, considering the quantity of similar material Amazon already offer for sale.
    Have you thought about writing a letter of complaint?
    Would it help if as many of us as possible also complained?
    Would you consider approaching other Naturist organisations such as BN for support?

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