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I’m really trying on working on my writing skills very much so because I have so much to say but I find I lack the skills necessary to become pro at the moment. But i’m trying my best and find by writing blogs and getting an insight from my wife and followers i’m slowly improving.

I’m no journalist, writer, book writer so im going along by writing blogs to help improve my way of writing. So far I find it is improving but still needs work. One positive thing I have picked up is understanding the method of describing situations that as merely thoughts in my mind to be able to help you re-live the event in my eyes. That is important! I know that now. but if you have any friendly criticism to help me write better, i’m open for friendly criticism.

I look forward to provide you the best experiences in a newbie writer like me and hope that I can better improve your reading when it comes to my blogs. I do know that some of you love to read my blogs even for what they are now and I thank you so very much and hope you continue to give me support and incentive to write more. Thank you!

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  1. If I remember correctly, a few weeks ago I read that articles that are written they way people speak are successful.First off people will read more of the article rather than quitting midway. Secondly they also remember more of the points than when the read something posed in so called perfect form.

    • I'm not so sure about that. It depends on the "speaker". I read a transcript from an interview the other day that was literally how the guy spoke. He wasn't as clear focused on his ideas and kept remembering something he forgot to say and jumped around a lot. It was painful reading. I agree though that being "informal" and conversational as you make your points and lead to a conclusion is preferable.

  2. I think when you write from the heart, most people get your message.

    A simple free/cheap editing service might be of value. Alternatively edit in something that has a good grammar check. Poor grammar and spelling can undermine your message. Read up on critical thinking and logical fallacies.

    You're (you are vs your) on the right track when your word usage is correct. Correct capitalisation for I, I'm etc are also easy wins.

    Good luck.

  3. Good for you, Scott. We all can learn from you in that we all should try to improve ourselves.
    I'm not the best writer on this site, but I found that my writing got better by reading others' work. One thing I found out about my writing was that I had too many run-on sentences. So I try, but not always successful, to be more succinct. I read some Hemingway and found his sentences to be very short and to the point. That may be helpful.

  4. I am already a keen reader of whatever you post Scott. You have an interesting way of giving us glimpses of life as it interests & amuses you. (& your family/friends)
    I will support you in your writings & if you wish me to I can add comments along the way.
    As Richard says "Happy to help if I can."

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