I don't get it!

Hi, I'm Terry and I am a nudist. Yes, that's right, I prefer to live life without clothes. In fact, my wife and I live in a nudist community where being naked is expected. If I answer the door I do so naked and my neighbors expect to see me at that door naked as they are also naked. I find it a wonderful way of life. Here however is the exception, we are in the throughs of WINTER. I do not like, nor will I ever like cold weather.

This is not the first time I have been a member of a nudist/naturist social media site. I find it interesting to find out about other nudists across the country and across the world. On these sites, people often post photos of their nude activities; sometimes they are doing mundane things such as housework or sitting at a desk doing paperwork and sometimes hiking in the countryside or playing at a beautiful beach. I always find these pictures of nude life interesting. The old addage about a picture being worth a thousand words is never more true than here.

Then there are the brave people who like to post pictures taken of themselves in the snow. Yes, naked in the snow. Sometimes the pictures are of them makeing snow angels and sometimes pictures of them doing other things. The ones that blow me away though are the pictures of people cross country or down hill skiing. I can almost understand making a nude snow angel, you open the door, run outside and quickly lay in the snow to make the angel impression and then about 5 or 6 seconds into it, you can run back into a warm house and everything is great. I have to admit I was once tempted for a few seconds to do it. Make that more like a few nano-seconds. Then my senses came back to me with a resounding "hell no".

My hat is off, as well as all my other clothes, to those people who want to be naked enough to do such things. I have the utmost respect for you. Never the less, I don't get it!

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  1. On the occasions I've been outdoors at or around 4C or so, not snowing, but cold enough to. I've always been amazed how well the body adapts to such conditions.

    When it is chilly, if you're in a warm environment indoors or clothed, you need some activity in the cold to maintain your comfort.
    If it's sunny and cold, there's enough warmth from the sun to be comfortable.

    On the whole it's acclimatising. I was never able to stand the cold at all. Having lived a few years where the temperature can be 30C during the day and 8C at night my tolerance has improved significantly.

    Whereas I probably wouldn't go skiing myself, I can understand those who do.

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