I don’t want my daughter to see you naked

This is the oddest thing I’ve heard in a while. Really. I have temporary neighbours. They are in their late 60s/early 70s and nice people. When they moved in (waiting for their new home to be finished) I warned them that I may wander through my own house not wearing anything.
For a while nothing seemed to be a problem, until either he or she actually saw me. The next occasion they met me outside he told me, “I don’t want my daughter to see you naked”. Uhm, what? He insisted that this wouldn’t be acceptable because his daughter might have her children with her. Note that his daughter is almost forty and since she has children I am convinced that she’s seen what naked men look like. Of course I don’t want to harm the tender children’s psyche by submitting them to the horror of my naked body but somehow I think that it wouldn’t be the big deal he’s making of it.
Add to that the fact that his daughter usually visits during the day when I’m either off to work or working at home in my living room (usually naked but far away from the bedroom window). My neighbour is really worrying about something that’s not worth the energy spent on it. Did this ever happen to you?

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  1. What do you think about agreeing to dress while she's there if the 3 (he, wife,& daughter or even w/the kids) come over to your place for dinner? Seems like a way to meet 1/2 way & open the possibility to explain why nudism is so enjoyable. Just a thought. Good luck, whatever you do…Hoping for the best!

    • Nice idea but when they come they only have to pass my bedroom window and front door to get to my neighbour's place. I don't think I need to know when they come on the off chance I'm in the bedroom when they happen to show up.
      Might try the dinner and explain option some day though.

    • The odd thing is that they're really nice people and we still get along very well. And I think it's just him who has a problem with my nudity *concerning his daughter*. Parents can be protective, I know that, but at some point he should let that go.

  2. Inside our own place we are naked as much or as little as we want to be. We think we have told everyone who is likely to visit that most times there will be at least one of us naked. I answer the door naked,(firstly checking that it isn't a child or young female at the door). Many people come in and talk or discuss business whilst I am naked and it isn't ever an issue.
    There was at one stage a chance that some folks found it less easy to value my opinion or statement of fact when I was naked, maybe at that time my nudity did lower their opinion of me and subsequently my validity.
    Now we (I) am 99% accepted naked by people who meet me. That is how my homestyle choices have worked out, to quote an old saying "An Englishman's home is his castle."

  3. That is indeed a weird situation, they can not force you to be dressed all the time in your own home. Still I think you need to talk to them and explain that it is your life-style. And that it is not your intention to offend them or scare the children. By the way nudity will not harm the kids, if they think so I considder that a lac of education.

  4. Shouldn't have warned them. That just gave them incentive to look and then complain. Maybe you should have warned them that the last resident of the house had to leave when they were arrested for peeping into neighbors' windows.

  5. If you are indoors in your own house, then tough luck. If you go out into your backyard/front garden that is not private, then you need to respect their wishes.

    I'm nude 99% of the time in my house, I don't venture out because the neighbours have a open view of my backyard.

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