I had a Dream

I had a dream last night / this morning, which I remembered until I got up and wrote it down. It is relevant to NOOK.

I was walking naked in the countryside near a village. I was in a field approaching the gate that would lead onto the road when I saw a group of school children at the gate, in maroon blazers, boys and girls, differing ages.
I worried for a moment. I wondered about getting dressed. I didn't want to upset anyone. But I carried on walking.
The children called to their friends to come see there was a naked man, and lots more children gathered at the wall of the field. Then a teacher looked over the wall. I was worried that he would get upset, but instead he just talked to the children in the way teachers do about things they see on field trips, about observing what they see etc.. So no-one was getting upset.
A little girl approached me with a tray of sweets and offered them to me so I could take one, but I declined.

A little later I was still walking naked, but now I was in the village. It was a very prim and twee and well-kept village with little cottages and pretty flowers.
It came to me that I should get dressed. Somehow I felt that my nudity was not appropriate in this setting, where every window has net curtains and every table has a cloth on it.

The End

4 thoughts on “I had a Dream”

  1. Yesterday I was reading Carl Jung and his ideas about dreams, so I'm bound to try to interpret this dream, even though I have no training in that art.
    Well, it seems so simple.
    a) A naked person is not a thing of horror or fear to children. He/she is just like any other animal in the countryside, something to be looked at perhaps, or even studied. Or just ignored, like we ignore 99% of the animals we see.
    b) The little girl offering the sweets and me refusing – this I do not understand.
    c) The feeling of inappropriate nudity in the well-manicured village. Seems to make sense. The people who inhabit this village have gone to great pains to make everything unnatural. To cover and prettify everything. To remove the wildness. That is their choice.
    If I turn up in this environment in the nude I am bringing the wildness of nature into their 'haven', so that would be inconsiderate of me.

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