Images In 3D?

Printed copies of animal pictures, mainly cute dogs & cats, seem to be a craze in our house recently. Also along a communal corridor several 3D images of animals & flowers have appeared on walls, neatly framed. I must say that the 3D effects on some photo's can be really impressive. We haven't got around to actual human beings in any of the framed coloured fantasia images either, even a strange looking gothic print has me hypnotised by it's extra dimensional appearance.
I have assisted in the fixing of these onto our walls, in the hope that some nicely posed naturist photo's could be considered. I don't think 3D is likely though in these if they actually appear on any surface at all. I know we have to tread carefully with our decorative desires, the overall effect of a room can be spoilt with a few ill chosen images. We have studied the variety that adorn the corridors, but somehow they can't qualify for our own abode. We seek inspiration, but a steady troll along the Ethernet-highways can lead to some very peculiar posed prints showing up.

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