It's hot in Sydney and NOW is the time!!

There's no doubt. The few "Free (Legal) Beaches" that we have here in and near Sydney were SO HARD won!!!!!

USE them!

Demonstrate how, like Europe, we are adults who have either male or female bodies and MOST people know what one or the other looks like.

Give naturists an opportunity to enjoy the the great Sydney beaches ( and beyond) NATURALLY!!!!!

4 thoughts on “It's hot in Sydney and NOW is the time!!”

  1. It is time for people who prefer nudity to affirm themselves. If that is a beach assertion that's fine, but it should also apply to every strata of daily life. Be naked in your own home for a start. If you want to be naked within your own daily house routines then do it! The objectors will soon adapt, there'll be some voices of protest no doubt, maybe even some very vocal 'disputes' amongst family members & visiting folk. But with a little 'Give & Take' there should be time in your daily life to just GET NAKED.

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