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Since becoming open about being a naturist, my dreams have changed. It used to be that I quite often dreamt that I was naked in public, especially, at work. I used to work in a retail environment where dress was important, shire tie etc. I would dream I was serving customers naked or in just a short nightshirt which concealed nothing. The realisation of being naked would distress me and I would start to hunt for my clothes. I would then awaken in a state of some discomfort at the thought of the situation.

I have recently become a 95% barefooter going about my daily life without shoes as a matter of course. Two nights ago I had a dream where I got into a heated discussion with my manager about being barefoot at work and how it was not permitted for employees even if the occasional customer was. I responded to say it was ridiculous to require me to wear shoes when I was otherwise naked.

The realisation I was naked in the dream made me think, 'perhaps I should wear clothes if I have to wear shoes? Have I got some somewhere?' The thought awoke me as before but this time I thought 'let me go back to sleep I want the dream to continue.'

That dream has become a daydream and I look forward to more sleeping dreams like this one.

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