Justifying Nudity

People have myriad ways of explaining why nudism is a great way to live, some of the reasons a bit corny, all of them heartfelt. They say it's good for your health. Maybe … it certainly doesn't have a negative effect on your health, but I'd say this justification is spot on if they are referring to your mental health. They say clothes divide us into social groups. Maybe so, but that's not going to convince a reluctant textile to get naked. They say being naked is natural. Of course it is. Hiking naked in the desert or woods gives you more of an opportunity to feel at one with Mother Nature, plus, being as your skin is your largest sensory organ, hiking naked allows you to experience the natural world with all of your skin instead of just the exposed parts. They say everyone is beautiful naked. Well, not so … some people are magnificently out of shape or unattractive and they certainly are not beautiful to look at. What is beautiful about less than attractive people who participate in the nudist lifestyle is the simple fact that they can participate and feel good about themselves, that we are a community that isn't judgmental and welcomes everyone. What is beautiful is the endless diversity of people and the human body, and that there is a place for everyone in the nudist world.

So why is nudism a great way to live? I say because it feels good. It promotes body acceptance. Being naked makes any task you have to do more fun, which also includes any form of recreation. Simply put, getting naked is fun. Getting naked with friends is even more fun. Being naked around the house adds a dimension to your life that makes even doing nothing more fun. Sharing a nudist life with a partner or loved one heightens your awareness of each other, makes you feel closer in a way textiles can never understand, and adds an element to your relationship that makes your time together more sensual … and more fun. So when all is said and done, the simple explanation is being naked is fun.

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