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  1. Friends of ours said they didn’t like some of the beaches where ‘textiles’ and naturists shared the same area. The clothed persons always seemed to just sit and watch (at very close places) every movement the naturists made. Our friend Geoff said his wife and his 15 year old daughter stayed together and kept bikini bottoms on, when they felt some were too close. Geoff soon moved his family on. They only found two beaches where they could relax naked.

    • It was worse for me! Not just voyeurs, people kept pointing cameras and camera phones at me! Not discreetly either, some of them walked right up to me! A lot of them did beat a hasty retreat, I am from Limerick, (aka stab city!) I don’t put up with that type of behaviour!
      I am a middle aged man, I can imagine how bad it would be if I had a lady along with me, the relationship probably wouldnt have survived the experience! This type of uncivilised behaviour is ruining naturist beaches.

    • The beach in front of the airport is very nice, plus you are very close to the aircraft landing and taking off. It’s full of voyeurs and photographers unfortunately! Anywhere off the beaten track around the coastline you always get naturists, naturism is legal everywhere in Spain. Playa Blanca and Charca Del Paolo also have pretty good nudist beaches.

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