Light is a stream

Light is a stream of energy that allow knowledge.
Through the eyes, it goes to the brain and brings messages to my consciousness.
Every living being benefits from light for growing and living.
Plants don’t have eyes. They don’t move; they don’t need to know their place: but light is vital.
Water needs light for all the creature living in.
Water reflects light: when sky and mountains are mirrored and in the brightness of the whitest snow.
Light is comprehension / passive information about the world.
Light says how much the colour of my skin is so different from the blue of the sky and the green of the leaves and so similar to the colour of the sun.
Light allows me to understand the world and my presence there.
I breathe air. I see the light: I perceive light around me: both are streams of vital energy.
Light take out the dark veil of the night.
I can see the naked beauty where we live.


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