Living Nude in 2020

Within the last few weeks modern world has seen itself turned on its head.. Most European countries are now in a state of lock down and companies being forced to have their staff work from home. My experience of 2020 has not been any exception. As of Friday we moved our teams to work from home as the UK government calls the country into lockdown. And while the situation is unprecedented and is without question a very serious, scary and uncertain time for all. What I've come to learn is that this new life we find ourselves in presented an unexpected opportunity to live a naturist life all day... and every day.

As of Friday evening I have slept, cooked, ate, worked, socialised (via computer video chat), cleaned, read and relaxed without clothes, only putting clothes on to leave the apartment to visit the local supermarket to buy essentials. Now on day 5, my experience has been one of confirmation that life without clothes is the most practical and enjoyable way of living. In the times when I have had to leave the house I have found the process of putting clothes on more and more uncomfortable. As if we were built to not wear clothes. Your body and skin breathes in the environment that surrounds you and everyday tasks even, including working without clothes has never felt so normal.

I plan to write updates to my experiences below as I explore 24/7 nude living.


2 thoughts on “Living Nude in 2020”

  1. We have to agree 100%. Living without clothes is so much easier and kinder to the skin. Our carers often remark (firstly on our nudity) about how good our skin is and how it is usually so good at recovering from any injury or medical event.


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