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As a regular at a training centre with gym and group training classes I’m frequent in locker rooms. It’s interesting to see the differences in behaviour regarding nudity. Too many seem to have such issues regarding nudity, even showering in their underwear! Others don’t care, walking from locker to shower and sauna fully nude.

Must be depressing beeing so fearful about nudity in front of others.

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  1. When I was a child, my next door neighbor and best friend reported to me that the local nuns told him he needed to take his bath in his underwear. I thought that was strange, and stupid, at the time.
    Later on, after spending four years in a Catholic boarding school, it became quite clear to me that the clergy had no understanding of human sexuality. They were steeped in superstition and ignorance. They also practiced child abuse on a grand scale.

  2. Showering in underwear! LOL! This fear is a learned thing and it is the responsibility of parents to bring our children up by example with body confidence. IMO the millennials were taught this fear by their parents who were fearful for their childrens’ safety. I worry about how the millennials’ children will grow up if they constantly chide their children to cover up at home and idolise sculpted media-icon bodies in front of their children.

  3. I was at the gym yesterday. As I was sitting in the sauna two guys aged around 16,17 entered, both very casual naked and seemed comfortable with that. We came into chattn after some comment about the heat in the sauna. Similar experiences from previous visits. So there is hope for more openness with nudity also among young people.

  4. I have noticed that the few wearing underwear or shorts in the ‘locker room’ are getting fewer each year. Last time I went (November 2018) I think it was about 5 out of 15 that covered up. One lad around 16 was so casual naked that his dad(?) had to remind him to get dressed before he went to get a can of drinks. Personally I would not have reminded him. My niece says the females are about 6 out of 10 dressed in knickers or gym shorts while showering in public ?

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