Me – An introduction

New to the site, I was asked (automated no doubt) to give a description of myself. I gladly obliged, only to get message after message after message … (you get the idea) that my message was too long.

Now excuse me but I cannot be described in 3 words 🙂

So here we go, for those who wanna know.

I'm a happily married, long time IT professional and amateur golfer. Golf bragging rights : hcp 8.
When dressed (sometimes you really have to) I wear a kilt… and I still feel the naturist 😉
I'm a licensed massage therapist.
I'm training to be a (part-time) wellness/life coach where I wanna focus on body image, confidence and self-esteem issues.
To help with all that I'm heavily into meditation, Qi Gong and all things psychological.
Also I'm no stranger to some weird philosophy-ing.

If you wanna know how weird I can be you'll better talk to my wife 😉

I have (just started) a naturist site : (this is in Dutch however – I'm thinking of putting up an English version)
I have a facebook page : – that however has nothing to do with naturisme and all with kilts (shameless plug)

Now you tell me, is this too long ?

greeting to all and a very fine, prosperous and as naked as possible 2015


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  1. Just saw your link in the introduction box and came here. I had the same approach with that box. First I tried to find out where it will appear when I type something in there and if I'll be able to edit it afterwards. But had no clue.
    Finally I decided to write an introduction. And if browsers like to crash when you push the send button I usually type larger texts using a text editor and pasting it afterwards. And it's always a little bit of work because English is not my native language…
    Then I was told ten times that nobody would be interested because it is to long. I didn't dare to just type “Hello” to find out if that box works properly because – maybe it is there forever and can't be changed afterwards.
    So you're not alone and no it's not too long. 🙂
    Maybe I have to create a separate blog entry also…

  2. Thank you Danny. I also went through a similar ordeal, having tried several times to do the "introduction". I then thought that maybe it is like twitter and limited to 140 characters at which time I decided it just wasn't worth it.

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