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    Skyclad Robert verified badge - "A poem this afternoon and a photo taken just before the poem was written. Spring is definitely here on the prairies … at least for now."View
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    Al Anbro verified badge - "I’m familiar, as are many, with the term ‘Nakation’ however this research introduces the term ‘Natourism’ so I was curious as to why it was used and found the research content pretty interesting and […]"View
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    Happy Harold verified badge - "@alizaidiarts Love your site. Beautiful images and philosophy."View
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    MrTexas verified badge - "@igor This is not the place to post photos from the Internet. Please delete those and post only personal photos. Thank you!"View
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    Tore from Norway - "Very nice."View
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    Warwick Harris verified badge - "Home again, at least for a while, after considerable travelling and time to reconnect with friends."View
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    Palo_ZA - "Hello, I have not found a direct link to support, so I will write here. I have known problem with “empty notifications” (already 5 months :)). thanks"View
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    Xander - "I need some help, or tips. The local itsy-bitsy Nudist/Naturist resort is going to open in the coming days as it gets above 20c, and I’d really like to go there. Issue is, I have never been to the place before… […]"View
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    Vittorio Volpi verified badge - "A dialogue with a neighbour: – I saw you naked in your front garden… – This is my house, and I can stay dressed as I want – But I can see you – Then, this is housebreaking. 🙂"View
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    Richard - "Would it be too much to ask for by members who put up photos of lovely landscape or beaches put where it is, if you want too keep it secret just name the country please, as I look at them and just think WoW but […]"View
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    Tor70 verified badge - "nice hot weekend in Toronto….great to stay naked at home"View
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    Jacques Marie FRANCILLON verified badge - "I wrote on my blog a story about our week of naturist snowshoes in the Clarée valley in the south of France. The text is in French but also translated into English."View
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